Alcove Group develops products to augment the way people work in today's digital economy. Our first product is a sleek laptop case that unfolds into a mobile workstation to enhance privacy when working in open spaces.

We are a team of designers, engineers, and business leaders who are driven to develop intuitive solutions for how people integrate work into their lifestyle.  


Our Journey to Launch

As a Houston based startup we were personally affected by Hurricane Harvey, but that didn't stop us from bringing together an incredible group of people that wanted to learn more about Alcove. Our pre-launch event was held at Headquarters on September 13th in conjunction with a new local series called Product Houston. Some highlights below:


Work Today


Work is no longer a place we go to from nine to five. It is a part of our lives; work moves with us. Wherever you create, you need to be able to focus. Alcove is redefining the way you find that focus, so you can be more productive when inspiration strikes.





Alcove is a laptop case that transforms your personal space into a private workstation, instantly. Our goal is to help people create their best work wherever life takes them.


Noise and visual distractions are top complaints of workers in open spaces, so we made these issues a high priority. We have consulted with PhD's in acoustic engineering to analyze and measure sound within Alcove so that our patent-pending panels are designed in a way that creates a dedicated, distraction-free workspace. 


Core Realizations

We have observed many interactions of people at work and developed our core realizations that highlight what we have discovered along our journey and, why we exist